About Enjoybot

Enjoybot brand was founded on Oct 7, 2016, making contribution to the green life with its 20 years professional technology of battery. The total area of our production site is 120,000 square meters, equipped with an R&D team and equipment. We(enjoybot.com) are the official website of enjoybot brand, we owns the enjoybot trademark exclusive rights.

Our Mission

We hope everyone can enjoy powering lifestyle with Less Limit. That's why we bring the efficient, stable, and powerful LiFePO4 Battery to everyone, while selling directly to customers with factory-direct pricing.
Our Slogan: Enjoy Powering Lifestyle Easy.

Why We Do This Brand?

Although electricity is very common now, it's still not enough in many times, and even face the risk of power outages.
Climate change and global warming are affecting our way of life. There is an urgent need to reduce the carbon footprint by reducing demand on the grid.

We hope everyone can enjoy powering lifestyle easily. When the Grid Power has stopped the electricity supply, we can use power backup to support the work demands and keep a normal life. With the Enjoybot LiFePO4 Battery, we can easily meet these demands. What's more, with Enjoybot LiFePO4 Battery, all the camping activities can have Electricity easily and you can let your all devices have Power. When you travel with RV, powerful electricity is also the primary consideration.

The Enjoybot Battery has a wide application, such as boat & fishing, outdoor activities, RV & camper, solar & wind power, power backup, and as a perfect replacement with other Lead-acid/AGM batteries replacement. We hope everyone can reduce reliance but get rid of the constraints of insufficient power supply. To live a free lifestyle worldwide, and enjoy powering lifestyle easily.

So this is Enjoybot!

What we can Provide?

The specific products(12V 100Ah lifepo4 battery, 12V 200Ah lifepo4 battery, 12V 300Ah lifepo4 battery) bought from enjoybot.com comes with an industry-leading 10 year warranty, and lifetime technical support service.


If you have any questions, concerns, feedback, or suggestions, send us a note below or email us at service@enjoybot.com (Pre-sale /After-sale Support). We'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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