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About ENJOYBOT Battery

Enjoybot is a company that integrates R&D, production and sales of lithium phosphate batteries, RV batteries, home energy storage systems, portable energy storage systems, mobile energy storage systems, solar energy storage systems, yacht backup batteries, car start-up batteries, car start-stop batteries, etc. Products of high-tech enterprises.

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Shipping Policy

1.Orders will be processed within 1 business day.
2.In generally, the order will be shipped within 1 business day after the payment is successful. If there is other condition, we will notify the customer by email.
3.The order won't be shipepd on Saturday and Sunday, and orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be shipped on next Monday.

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Best in Quality

With over 10,000 squares meter factory, over 50 sets production line all equipped with international advanced automatic machine, over 17years R&D experience in lithium battery industry, ENJOYBOT is confident and proud to say, We can offer the best lithium battery products.

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Customer Service

Working Time:(9 AM - 11:30 PM GMT+8)
We offer timely and reliable presale and after sale service, we have sales department with 2 shifts works schedule, therefore we gurantee whenever and wherever you need us, you can always contact us with our very quick in reponse to serve you.

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Battery Management System

The LiFePO4 battery management system, BMS (Battery Management System), is an important component of the electric vehicle power LiFePO4 battery system. On the one hand, it detects, collects and preliminarily calculates the real-time status parameters of LiFePO4 battery, and controls the on-off of the power supply loop based on the comparison between the detected value and the allowable value; on the other hand, it reports the collected key data to the vehicle controller and receives control The instructions of the vehicle, and coordinate with other systems on the vehicle. LiFePO4 battery management system, different battery cell types have different requirements for LiFePO4 battery management system.


Are lithium iron phosphate batteries really safe?

Now, people who buy new energy vehicles objectively have to choose between the two technologies of lithium iron phosphate battery and ternary lithium battery. Industry insiders tell us: the choice of ternary system that emphasizes endurance and lightweight vehicles, Select the lithium iron phosphate series that emphasizes safety. In this regard, consumers eagerly hope that people in the industry can give a practical answer from a technical point of view: Are lithium iron phosphate batteries safe? This question should be answered from three aspects: material/structure stability, production process, and charge and discharge characteristics.