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Here at Enjoybot, we hope everyone can enjoy powering lifestyle easily. Enjoybot lithium batteries are built using legendary Grade-A lithium iron phosphate cells, bringing the most convenient and environmentally friendly travel and lifestyle solutions to every Enjoybot user. These batteries are all backed by a 10-year warranty.

Enjoybot 36V and 48V lithium batteries are designed specifically for golf carts. They can be installed in any direction and require zero maintenance. You can choose between a single battery or multiple 12V battery packs, depending on your needs. The Enjoybot lithium golf cart batteries can extend the runtime of your golf cart by up to twice as long and charge 5X faster. Additionally, a set of lithium golf cart batteries weighs only 1/4 of a set of lead-acid golf cart batteries, allowing your golf cart to become 300-400 pounds lighter or even more. Experience better golf cart handling, less wear & tear, and lower maintenance costs.
Enjoybot 36V 100AH Golf Cart Battery Kit
$819.99 $1,809.99
โ— BCI Group 31
โ— 3 Batteries in Series
โ— For Motor Power under 3kW & Motor Controllers under 400A
Enjoybot 36V 100AH LiFePO4 Golf Cart Single Battery
$1,019.99 $1,899.99
โ— BCI Group 8D
โ— Bluetooth Connection
โ— For Motor Power under 4kW & Motor Controllers under 500A
Enjoybot 48V 100AH Golf Cart Battery Kit
$1,089.99 $2,409.99
โ— BCI Group 31
โ— 4 Batteries in Series
โ— For Motor Power under 3kW & Motor Controllers under 400A
Enjoybot 48V 100AH LiFePO4 Golf Cart Single Battery
$1,349.99 $2,239.99
โ— BCI Group 8D
โ— Bluetooth Connection
โ— For Motor Power under 4kW & Motor Controllers under 500A
+ Extended Run Time
Enjoybot LiFePO4 golf cart batteries can double to triple your run time, providing more freedom on and off the green.
+ Longer Lifespan
These batteries can be cycled up to 5,000 times at 80% DOD, have a lifespan of up to 10 years, and require minimal replacement, ensuring long-lasting performance.
+ Lightweight
Enjoybot golf cart batteries weigh only 1/2 of lead-acid batteries, reducing the burden on the golf cart and improving maneuverability and speed.
+ Zero Maintenance
These lithium batteries require no maintenance or watering, can be installed in any orientation, and charge 5 times faster than lead-acid batteries.
+ Safety and Environmental Benefits
Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are the safest lithium chemistry and environmentally friendly, emitting no gas.
+ Temperature Adaptability
Enjoybot LiFePO4 batteries have a discharge temperature range of -4โ„‰ to 140โ„‰ (-20โ„ƒ to 60โ„ƒ), ensuring normal operation in winter conditions.
+ Low Temperature Protection
Enjoybot battery features a charging low-temperature cut-off protection function to prevent battery damage during low-temperature charging.
+ 10-Year Warranty
All Enjoybot golf cart batteries come with a 10-year warranty and lifetime customer service, ensuring support and assistance for upgrades throughout the product's lifespan.
What type of battery do I need to run my golf cart?

Step 1: Identify the battery voltage requirement for your golf cart motor.
Refer to the owner's manual or locate the technical/serial number sticker on the vehicle to determine the golf cart's voltage. Typically, electric golf carts use either a deep cycle 36-volt or 48-volt battery system.

Step 2: Determine the wattage of your golf cart motor.
Refer to the owner's manual or inspect the motor for a label or marking that indicates its power rating.

Step 3: Identify the current rating of the motor controller.
Locate the motor controller, usually near the motor's wires, the battery, or behind the dashboard. Look for a label or marking indicating the amperage, which represents the maximum current the controller can pull at any given time.

Step 4: Select the appropriate battery.
Using the gathered information on battery voltage, motor power, and controller current rating, choose the most suitable battery for your golf cart.

Motor Voltage | Recommended Battery | Motor Power Limit | Controller Current Limit
36V | Single 36V 100Ah Battery | 4kW limit | 500 Amp limit
36V | 12V 100Ah X3 Battery Kit or 12V 100Ah Mini X3 Battery Kit | 3kW limit | 350 Amp limit
48V | Single 48V 100Ah Battery | 4kW limit | 500 Amp limit
48V | 12V 100Ah X4 Battery Kit or 12V 100Ah Mini X4 Battery Kit | 3kW limit | 350 Amp limit

How to install Enjoybot LiFePO4 battery on golf cart?

Simply remove the lead-acid batteries and replace them with the Enjoybot Lithium Battery. In case of multiple battery packs, please attach cables in series, secure the holding bracket, and the installation is complete.
The connection example diagram is as follows:

How should LiFePO4 golf cart batteries be placed?

As long as it is not inverted, it can be installed in other directions, pay attention to the positive and negative terminals against the top when placed on the side.

What should be paid attention to before replacing the old battery pack with LiFePO4 battery pack?

Please note that when multiple identical LiFePO4 batteries are connected in series, the voltage difference between each battery is required to be less than 40mV, otherwise your battery may not be fully charged or the battery capacity may be insufficient.

Therefore, it is necessary to measure the voltage of each battery in the battery pack before installing the battery. If the voltage difference is greater than 40mV, you need to manually balance the voltage first, the specific operation is as follows:

Suppose you buy 4 12.8V 100AH LiFePO4 batteries
(1) Please remove all battery cables and equipment, and use DC 14.2-14.4V charger or DC power supply to fully charge the 4 batteries respectively;
(2) Please connect the 4 batteries in parallel, let the 4 batteries connect in parallel for more than 12 hours, and then untie the cables connecting the 4 batteries in parallel;
(3) Please test the voltage of the 4 batteries separately. If the voltage difference between the 4 batteries is โ‰ค40mV, it means that the voltage has been balanced and can be installed on the golf cart in series.

What charger should I use to charge my golf cart?

We recommend purchasing a new LiFePO4 charger that is specifically designed for our batteries. Our batteries are a different voltage than standard golf cart batteries, so it is important to use a charger that is designed for the correct voltage.

For 12V batteries, please use 14.6V LiFePO4 battery charger.
For 36V batteries, please use 43.8V LiFePO4 battery charger.
For 48V batteries, please use 58.4V LiFePO4 battery charger.

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