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We are actively looking for allies who are passionate about golf carts, outdoor RV travel, fishing, renewable energy and protecting the environment. With the Enjoybot Affiliate Program, content creators, publishers, and bloggers can earn commissions on every referred sale while making a positive impact. Apply to join the program now!
  • 1 Sign Up Join Enjoybot Affiliate Program for free
  • 2 Share Share affiliate links in your creative content
  • 3 Purchase Orders are placed through your affiliate links
  • 4 Earn Get basic 3% commission on qualified sales

Free of Charge

Menbership is totally free, with no entry fee.

Simple Process

Fill in our application form and start right away.

Own Your Account

Watch your account balance grow in real-time.

Fair Commission

Earn a 3% base commission on all sales, with higher rates available for high-volume members.

Cookie Period

Enjoy a 30-day cookie period and never miss earns.

Commission Payment Time

Keep the order for 3 months and pay the 1st month on the early of the 5th month.
Who can join the Enjoybot affiliate program?

We invite content creators (including YouTubers, media professionals, publishers, forum owners, and bloggers), outdoor enthusiasts (such as golf clubs, fishing, RV travel, and camping aficionados), as well as technicians or environmentalists to participate in our affiliate program.

How does the affiliate program work?

Join our affiliate program by submitting your application on our affiliate program partner's website. Then you will receive exclusive links, promote them, and watch your commission roll in.

Can my referrals see my username?

No. The only information visible to your referrals is your affiliate ID number.

How long can I get my commission?

We will keep the order for 3 months and pay the 1st month on the early of the 5th month. (eg. January commissions will be paid on the early of May, February commissions will be paid on June).

Why you keep the orders for 3 months when pay the commission?

According to our warranty policy, customers have the right to return products for a refund within 90 days, so we reserve a 3-month period.

How can I check my affiliate performance?

Once you have been accepted into the program, you will be able to log in to your affiliate account and view your sales and commission earnings.

What if the referrals ask for a refund?

In that case, the corresponding commission will be deducted from your account.

What types of promotions are not permitted?

To keep the affiliate program fair, a number of promotion types are not permitted, including but not limited to the following: 1) False links: The use of illegal means to tamper with the target user link. 2) Creation of programs or scripts to simulate genuine purchase patterns. 3) Persistent pop-ups and full screen popups. 4) Hiding links under other content. 5) Tricking people into clicking links. 6) Creating seemingly official Enjoybot websites in order to mislead people into purchasing.

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