Enjoybot LFP lithium ion phosphate batteries are an innovative and cost-effective alternative to traditional lead acid batteries. Enjoybot lithium ion phosphate batteries have many features and benefits that make them desirable in everyday use. These advantages fall into six broad categories:

  • Care free. Enjoybot lithium ion phosphate battery requires little to no maintenance. Other batteries, such as water-filled lead-acid batteries, require regular water refills. Additional maintenance is very inconvenient.
  • Weight lighter: A 12-volt lead-acid battery with a capacity of 100Ah can weigh 35kg or more. An Enjoybot lithium ion phosphate battery with the same capacity weighs 10.8kg.
  • Longevity: Enjoybot lithium ion phosphate battery can be cycled up to 5000 times, while lead-acid batteries typically last 200-500 cycles. Enjoybot's extended longevity means that you won't need to replace your battery for years.
  • Fast Charging: Enjoybot lithium ion phosphate battery has an advanced Battery Management System (BMS) that enables efficient charging via a variety of charging methods including lifepo4 chargers, generators (add a DC to DC charger), and solar panels.
  • Safer: Standard lead-acid batteries lack safety features, therefore, they can only be used for a short period of time. Enjoybot lithium ion phosphate battery, on the other hand, has numerous safety features such as but not limited to over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, over-load protection, short-circuit protection, high-temperature protection, and battery cell balancing. (Click here to know about extra low-temperature protection battery)
  • More usable energy: Enjoybot lithium ion phosphate battery provides almost 100% of its capacity as usable power, compared to a lead-acid battery, which has only 50% of its total capacity available as usable energy, the Enjoybot technology is more efficient. With each discharge below 50% of its total capacity, a lead-acid battery's lifespan is shortened; however, Enjoybot lithium batteries do not experience this same effect. As a result, an Enjoybot lithium battery typically lasts longer than a lead-acid battery of the same weight by approximately two times.

Q1: Looking to replace the flooded batteries on Polaris Ranger EV 2018. Would like to use 8 of the 12v 100ah batteries connected in 4S 2P for a 48V system. The sticker says 100 amp max continuous and 300 for 1-2. I need 325 amps for short bursts. What will your batteries do? Is this a suitable application? Do you make a dual use battery (starter/deep cycle)?

A1: The BMS board of this 12V 100Ah battery is not specifically designed as a starter battery. If connected, the machine may trigger the protection of the BMS board during working and lead to a momentary power failure of your machine. This behavior is not covered under the warranty.
The starter batteries are under development and expected to be launched next year :D

Q2: Can these batteries be connected in parallel or in series?
A2: Yes, Enjoybot LFP lithium ion phosphate battery can be connected in parallel or wired in series for your 24V, 36V, and 48V applications.

Q3: I want to replace my lead acid battery in my small rv trailer with a lithium ion battery. What modifications can i expect to make to the charging system?
A3: Please refer to the User Manual < MPPT settings of the battery pack.

Q4: What charger should I use if I put three of these in series for my 36v golf cart?
A4: Here are two methods for you to choose the charger:
① Use a 14.6V LifePO4 battery charger to charge each battery separately
② Use a 43.8V LifePO4 battery charger to charge batteries together

Q5: Can this battery be used as a marine house battery?
A5: Sure, you can use this battery for your marine house, besides, enjoybot battery is widely used for Marine, Car, Golf car, RV, Solar power Systems, Home Energy Storage, Trolling Motor, Boat, motorhome & camper, etc.

Q6: Does it come with screws for the terminals if so what size?
A6: The terminals come with 2 screws for 100Ah/200Ah/300Ah, and the size is M8*16mm (L). The M8 national standard screw corresponds to the American standard screw specification is 5/16.

Q7: Is your battery compatible to run in parallel with my battery? Seems to have the same BMS and all specs.
A7: Due to the different manufacturers of battery parts and accessories, we do not recommend connecting the battery in series and parallel with other brands, which will affect battery function and also affect your product warranty.

Q8: Looking for recommendations on a 36V 100 amp trolling motor battery set up. Would prefer 3 12v 100amp batteries. Are your batteries compatible with the power pole charge system?
A8: They are generally supported. Unless it is not programmable, or there is no display or no buttons to set parameters. By the way, our battery are not designed for starting engines.

Q9: Can this battery runs a trolling motor? ENJOYBOT 12V 100AH LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Rechargeable Battery - Built With 100A BMS
A9: Yes, as long as the motor current of the boat is less than or equal to 50A.


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