Golf Cart Modifications: How To Install Enjoybot 36v 100ah Bluetooth Lithium Battery

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In the evolving world of golf cart technology, the quest for more efficient, reliable, and durable power sources is paramount. While traditional lead-acid batteries have been the mainstay, the advancement in battery technology has brought lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries to the forefront. 

The technical specifications of the Enjoybot 36V 100Ah Bluetooth LiFePO4 battery and their practical implications

The Enjoybot 36V 100Ah Bluetooth LiFePO4 battery stands out with its robust technical profile, designed to meet and exceed the performance requirements of modern electric golf carts. Here are the key specifications and their implications:

Nominal Voltage and Capacity: With a nominal voltage of 36V and a capacity of 100Ah, this battery provides a solid foundation for extended use, capable of delivering up to 3840Wh of energy. This capacity is crucial for golf carts, ensuring they can cover extensive distances on a single charge—ideal for golf courses, large estates, or gated communities.

Physical Dimensions and Weight: The compact size (20.47 x 10.59 x 8.66 inches) and relatively lightweight (63.27 lbs) make this battery a suitable replacement for bulkier, heavier lead-acid batteries. This compatibility is essential for easy integration into existing golf cart models without the need for extensive modifications, allowing for a straightforward upgrade path.

Battery Management System (BMS): A sophisticated BMS is integral to this battery's design, offering protection against overcharging, deep discharge, short circuits, and high and low temperatures. The BMS ensures optimal performance and longevity by managing the battery's operation within safe parameters. For golf cart users, this translates to reliability and peace of mind, knowing the battery is protected against common causes of failure.

Temperature Sensors: The inclusion of temperature sensors further enhances the battery's safety profile. These sensors monitor the battery's temperature during operation and charging, protecting it from extreme conditions that could lead to damage. This feature is particularly beneficial in environments with high-temperature and low-temperature fluctuations, ensuring consistent performance and safety.

Prismatic Cells: The use of prismatic cells contributes to the battery's high energy density and durability. These cells are known for their efficiency and ability to maintain stable performance over time. For golf carts, this means a reliable power source that maintains its capacity and output over 5000 cycles.

Bluetooth Connectivity: Perhaps one of the most user-friendly features is the battery's Bluetooth connectivity, which allows for real-time monitoring of battery status via a dedicated app. Users can check charge levels, and consumption rates, and even remotely disable the battery for security purposes. This level of control and interaction represents a significant step forward in battery technology, offering convenience and enhanced user experience.

Ten-Year Warranty: The confidence in the longevity and durability of the Enjoybot LiFePO4 battery is underscored by its ten-year warranty. This warranty not only demonstrates the manufacturer's confidence in their product but also provides users with assurance of the battery's quality and reliability.

The installation process for the 36V 100Ah Enjoybot battery in detail, including custom adjustments and tips

let's explore the installation process for the Enjoybot 36V 100Ah Bluetooth LiFePO4 battery in an EZGO TXT PDS Golf Cart, including custom adjustments and optimization tips. This section aims to provide readers with a clear, step-by-step guide to upgrading their golf carts with this advanced battery technology.

Installation Process and Custom Adjustments

Step 1: Preparing the Golf Cart

Safety First: Begin by ensuring the golf cart is in a safe and stable condition for the installation. Disconnect the existing battery system to prevent any electrical hazards.

Space Assessment: Evaluate the battery compartment of the EZGO TXT PDS Golf Cart to confirm the Enjoybot battery's dimensions will fit. Although designed to be compatible, ensuring there's adequate space is crucial for a smooth installation.

Step 2: Removing the Old Battery

Carefully remove the old lead-acid battery or batteries, taking proper precautions to handle the weight and potential spillage of battery acid. Dispose of the old batteries responsibly, adhering to local regulations for battery recycling.

Step 3: Installing the Enjoybot Battery

Positioning: Place the Enjoybot battery into the designated compartment. Its compact design and lighter weight compared to traditional lead-acid batteries make this step relatively straightforward.

Connection: Connect the battery terminals to the golf cart's power system. Ensure that the connections are secure and that the polarity is correct to prevent any electrical issues.

Step 4: Custom Adjustments

Securing the Battery: Depending on the specific model of your golf cart, you may need to make minor adjustments or add custom brackets to securely mount the Enjoybot battery. Ensuring the battery is firmly in place is critical for safety and optimal performance.

Wiring Check: Verify all wiring is correctly installed and that there are no loose connections. It may be beneficial to upgrade the wiring to handle the high efficiency and output of the LiFePO4 battery optimally.

**Note: do not arbitrarily modify the charger interface, as it will result in warranty failure.

Step 5: Finalizing the Installation

Once the battery is securely installed and all connections are checked, you can reconnect the power system. Perform a preliminary test to ensure the golf cart powers up and operates as expected.

Optimization Tips

Battery Monitoring: Take advantage of Bluetooth connectivity and a dedicated app to monitor the battery's performance and health regularly. This proactive approach can help optimize the battery's lifespan and performance.

Charging Practices: Utilize the dedicated charger that comes with the Enjoybot battery. Following best charging practices, such as charging after use and avoiding deep discharges, can further enhance the battery's longevity.

Regular Maintenance Checks: While the Enjoybot LiFePO4 battery requires minimal maintenance, regular checks of the battery and golf cart's electrical system can prevent potential issues and ensure continued optimal performance.

Embracing Enjoybot 36V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery: A Customer's Perspective

 📸 Credit by Phil Simonson

A user's journey to adopting a 36-volt 100ah LiFePO4 battery from Enjoybot highlighted its superiority, citing extensive research and performance benefits. This switch not only made economic sense but significantly enhanced the cart's performance.

For those considering going to lifepo4 battery. I went with this for my cart. A single 36-volt 100-ah battery that works perfectly. Do the research and this is the best battery you can get for the money spent. The BMS is programmed for a golf cart‘s draw with 500amp peak output, both low and high temp sensors, prismatic cells grade A quality, Bluetooth connectivity, and a ten-year warranty. The price is close to what standard lead acid batteries cost only now my cart can go close to 35 miles on a single charge with excellent torque and power. My PDS runs 22 mph on the stock controller and solenoid. Oh, and if I don’t use my cart, the battery maintains its charge. Mine has been sitting for two or three weeks and still reads 100% at 39.9 volts, the same as it did the day after its last charge. Featuring both high and low-temperature sensors, you are well protected from weather and shorts. Enjoybot fully discloses its actual warranty, too. Unlike every other company I considered, it posted clearly and completely on their website. I have asked the others point blank and not once have I got a straight answer. I’ve even been told once I buy it, it’s in the manual. Huh? Enjoybot may have a funny name, but their batteries are no joke.  They have singles in 12 volts, 24 volts, 36 volts, and 48 volts in multiple AH offerings up to 400AH for a single battery. They can be run in parallel or series up to 48 volts.

Conclusion: The Benefits of Upgrading to Enjoybot LiFePO4 Battery

Enhanced Performance and Range: One of the most immediate benefits of upgrading to the Enjoybot 36V 100Ah Bluetooth LiFePO4 battery is the significant improvement in performance and range. Golf carts equipped with this advanced battery technology can achieve close to 35 miles on a single charge, depending on terrain and usage patterns. This extended range opens up new possibilities for golf cart use beyond the golf course, including gated communities, large estates, and commercial applications.

Durability and Longevity: The Enjoybot LiFePO4 battery's robust construction and advanced Battery Management System (BMS) ensure a longer lifespan compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. With 5000 charge-discharge cycles and minimal degradation, users can enjoy 10 years of reliable service, reducing the total cost of ownership over time.

Safety and Stability: Safety is a paramount concern for all battery technologies, and the Enjoybot LiFePO4 battery excels in this area. Its stable chemistry and built-in temperature sensors minimize the risk of overheating and potential hazards, making it a safer choice for golf carts used in residential and public settings.

Environmental Sustainability: By choosing LiFePO4 batteries, golf cart owners make a more environmentally friendly decision. These batteries do not contain toxic heavy metals like lead and have a lower environmental impact over their lifecycle, aligning with the growing trend toward sustainability.

Convenience and Control: The Bluetooth connectivity and dedicated app functionality provide unprecedented convenience and control over the battery's operation. Users can monitor the battery's status in real-time, manage charging, and even remotely disable the battery for added security, all from their smartphones.

Innovative Charging Solutions: The transition to LiFePO4 technology is accompanied by efficient charging solutions that are tailored to the battery's needs, ensuring fast, safe, and convenient charging processes. This enhances the user experience and ensures the battery is always ready when needed.

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