Enjoybot LiFePO4 Golf Cart Battery 48v 100ah Lithium Battery 5120 Wh - 4 batteries

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We stand by our products and our customers. All Enjoybot 12V LifePO4 Batteries come with a robust 10-years warranty. If you have any questions about your enjoybot battery, our technical support team have your back.

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Introducing the Enjoybot Lifepo4 Golf Cart Battery 48v 100ah Lithium Battery 5120wh - 4 Batteries

Our 48V lithium battery kit is built out of our legendary lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells, which are maintenance-free and can be installed in any orientation. This battery kit also charges 5X faster than a lead acid battery, reducing your recharge time. In addition, a set of Enjoybot golf cart batteries weighs 1/4 as much as a set of lead acid golf cart batteries, allowing you to cut 300-400 lbs or more off your cart. Experience better golf cart handling, less wear & tear, and lower maintenance costs.

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Single Pack 12V 100Ah
12.95-inches long
6.77-inches wide
8.42-inches tall


Single Pack 12V 100Ah
23.8 lbs.
at least 40 lbs. lighter than competing lead-acid batteries.

BMS Rating

100A BMS



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Ask a Question
  • What charger would you recommend for use with a 48v ezgo?

    We recommend purchasing a new LiFePO4 charger that is specifically designed for our batteries. Our batteries are a different voltage than standard golf cart batteries, so it is important to use a charger that is designed for the correct voltage.

    👉For 48V batteries, please use 58.4V LiFePO4 battery charger.

  • 2009 ezgo rxv 2five can't find out the watts on my motor. Do you know?

    You can find the ratings for your motor and controller by looking in your manual or by contacting your local Ezgo dealer.

  • Why is the wattage important? I have a 3300 watt motor.........and not sure about the controller.

    Hi friends, controller over 250A and motor over 3000 watt may trigger the battery BMS overcurrent protection when climbing the hill or at full load.

  • I have an 2021 Icon 6 Seater, 48 Volt Golf Kart, will these work and if so what else needs to be changed ?

    If your golf cart meets the following parameter, you can safely use enjoybot 48v 100ah battery pack.
    1. Torque motor less than 3000 watt.
    2. Maximum Current of the controller does not exceed 250 amp.

  • I’m using them in a golf cart should I use them in series or parallel

    Please connect them in series.
    Four 12-volt 100 amp hour batteries wired in series can provide 48 volts at 100 amp hours (12 volt x 4).

  • Do you sell a 48 volt charger with the golf cart receptacle for an older Yamaha G19? Thanks!

    The 48 volt charger for EZGO golf carts is under development. 48V LiFePO4 battery charger for Club Car and Yamaha will be developed and produced according to market demand.

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