Here at Enjoybot, we hope everyone can enjoy powering lifestyle easily. Enjoybot lithium batteries are built using legendary Grade-A lithium iron phosphate cells, bringing the most convenient and environmentally friendly travel and lifestyle solutions to every Enjoybot user. These batteries are all backed by a 10-year warranty.

We Provide High-Quality LiFePO4 Batteries in 12Volt, 24Volt, 36Volt, and 48Volt. Customize your power needs by purchasing multiple packs and connecting them in series or parallel. Enjoybot lithium batteries find wide applications in golf carts, marine trolling motors, RVs & campers, off-grid solar systems, and are the perfect alternative to SLA/AGM batteries. With a rechargeable cycle life of up to 5000 cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge (DOD), they have a long lifespan of up to 10 years. We are continuously developing new LiFePO4 battery products, providing you with more purchasing options.
Why Enjoybot Use lithium iron phosphate?
+ Safety
LiFePO4 batteries(lithium iron phosphate batteries) are known for being safer and more stable compared to other lithium-based batteries. They have a lower risk of overheating, catching fire, or exploding. They also exhibit excellent thermal stability at both low and high temperatures, making them suitable for various applications such as off-grid solar systems, backup power, marine trolling motor, RVs, camper, vans, golf carts, and more.
+ Non-toxic,Non-spilling,and Non-leaking
LiFePO4 batteries are considered green and low-carbon environmental protection batteries because they can be recycled. They do not contain toxic and harmful metal elements such as lead, mercury, or cadmium. The manufacturing process of LiFePO4 batteries also does not pollute the environment. In contrast, lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries can leak toxic gases or spill sulfuric acid if mishandled or damaged.
+ Longer Working Time
Lead-acid batteries are not recommended for deep discharge, as they can cause permanent damage. Most lead-acid batteries have a discharge depth of only 50 ~ 80%. However, LiFePO4 batteries can be fully discharged (100% discharged) without any long-term negative effects. This allows users to utilize the full capacity of LiFePO4 batteries and maximize their power usage.
+ Longer Lifespan
Lithium iron phosphate batteries have a significant advantage in terms of longevity compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. LiFePO4 batteries typically last 8-10 years, whereas lead-acid batteries may only last 3-5 years. This means that a LiFePO4 battery can last about 5 years longer than a lead-acid battery and about twice as long as other lithium batteries based on different technologies.
+ Specifically Designed BMS System
BMS, or battery management system, is essential for any LiFePO4 battery system. The BMS monitors the cells in the battery pack and balances the voltages. It also protects the cells from overcharging, over-discharging, and overheating. The BMS ensures each cell operates within safe limits and optimizes the overall performance and lifespan of the LiFePO4 battery system.
+ No Active Maintenance
LiFePO4 batteries are maintenance-free, which is advantageous for those who are not skilled in manual operation. Unlike lead-acid batteries that require regular water and liquid addition or draining, LiFePO4 batteries do not need intensive care or special maintenance to maintain their lifespan.
+ Lighter Weight and Portable
Due to their high energy density, LiFePO4 batteries are relatively compact and lightweight compared to lead-acid batteries. LiFePO4 batteries weigh only about 1/3 as much as lead-acid batteries, resulting in less fuel consumption and more convenient travel for applications such as camping, RVing, boating, off-grid solar systems, and golf carts. This weight reduction can significantly reduce the mechanical load of vehicles.
+ High Discharge Rate
Enjoybot LiFePO4 batteries come with a built-in BMS that offers a high continuous discharge capacity of 100 amps or 200 amps. This means the batteries can sustain heavy continuous discharge without damage or degradation. With LiFePO4 batteries, you have more power available to run high-energy appliances like microwaves or air conditioning units, allowing you to use multiple electrical devices simultaneously on your boat, RV, or other applications. This is often difficult with most lead-acid batteries or power station batteries.
How many batteries can I connect in series and parallel?

For series connection, up to 48V can be connected in series (i.e. 4 for 12V, 2 for 24V, 1 for 48V)
For parallel connection, up to 10 batteries can be connected in parallel.

Can the Enjoybot battery be used as a cold cranking battery/ starter battery?

No, Enjoybot only offers deep cycle batteries, our battery is not designed for starting engines, it can not be used as a cranking battery due to the BMS setting.

Can your battery be connected in series and parallel with other brands of batteries?

Due to the different manufacturers of battery parts and accessories, we do not recommend connecting the battery in series and parallel with other brands, which will affect battery function and also affect your product warranty.

Even if it is the same brand, If the purchase interval is more than 4 months, it is also not recommended to connect. Because the energy decay between the cells is not consistent.

What are the functions of the built-in BMS system of the battery pack?

Overcharge Protection, Over-discharge Protection, Overload Protection, High/Low Temperature Protection, Short-circuit Protection, Battery Cell Balance.

How to choose the charger model?

We recommend purchasing a new LiFePO4 charger that is specifically designed for our batteries.
For 12V batteries, please use 14.6V LiFePO4 battery charger.
For 24V batteries, please use 29.2V LiFePO4 battery charger.
For 36V batteries, please use 43.8V LiFePO4 battery charger.
For 48V batteries, please use 58.4V LiFePO4 battery charger.

How long will it take to charge?

The charging time depends on the type and size of your charger.
For example, if the capacity of battery is 100 amps, your charger is 20 amps, and it will take 5 hours to reach 100%. If your charger is 15 amps and it will take 7 hours to reach 100%.

When is the best time to charge the battery?

We recommend charging the battery to 100% in time when 20% charge is left as this can help prolong its overall life.