Enjoybot 500A Battery Monitor with Shunt

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Do you sometimes struggle to accurately gauge your battery's remaining capacity? Enjoybot battery monitor offers a comprehensive solution to this common issue. 

[Fit for All Battery] Suitable for 8-120V, 0-9999AH battery packs. Automatically identify different batteries, such as Li-ion, LiFePO4, Gel, AGM, etc.
[Accurate Data is Easy To Read] The display screen can accurately display the voltage, current, power consumption, battery capacity, battery decay rate and other parameters of the battery pack in real time, so you can accurately understand the working status of the battery at any time. Backlight design facilitates night use.
[Programmable Parameters and Buzzer Alarm] When the voltage/capacity is lower than the set value, the percentage and battery symbol on the LCD screen will flash, and the buzzer will alarm every 10 seconds. To protect the battery from over-discharge.
[Easy To Install] The transparent shunt bracket makes it easier for the battery tester to install the shunt. 20 feet of shielded cable allows you to monitor battery status remotely.
[Versatile Use] It can be effectively applied to a range of products, including RVs, flatbeds, electric vehicles, emergency power supplies, energy storage power supplies, measuring equipment, medical equipment, and various instruments that rely on battery power.


Parameter Min. Regular Max.
Working Voltage 8V 50V  120V
Working Consumption 8mA 12mA
Static Consumption 1mA 2mA
Power off Consumption 50 μA
Accuracy of Voltage Collecting ±1%
Accuracy of Current Collecting ±1%
Accuracy of Capacity Collecting ±1%
Backlight on Current 100mA
Capacity Detection Range 0.1Ah 100Ah 9999Ah
Sampler Current 0 350A 500A
Temperature Range -10°C 20°C 60°C
Weight 420g
Size 100*61*17mm


Packing List:

  • LCD display*1
  • 500A shunt (with transparent bracket)*1
  • 20ft shielded wire*1
  • 20AWG 3ft (1M) power cord*1
  • Mounting screws*3
  • Manual*1 (before use Must see)
Enjoybot 500A Battery Monitor with Shunt
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