Which golf cart is better gas or electric?

 what golf cart is better gas or electric

Which should you choose Gas Golf Carts vs. Electric Golf Carts?

The Facts 

Thousands of people use golf carts as regular transportation today, and this number continues to grow. The first step in buying a golf cart is to decide between gas and electric models, and in this article, we'll discuss some of the pros and cons of each type, in hopes of providing a better understanding of each.

One misconception is that gas-powered golf carts have thicker frames or are more heavy-duty than electric carts. In fact, both carts are identical in appearance, but differ in drivetrain. Gas-powered golf carts use a traditional internal combustion engine. Drivers fuel them with regular automobile gas. Electric golf carts runs on large rechargeable battery (either 36V or 48V). Both types of carts have benefits, but they also have drawbacks. The type of cart that a person prefers largely depends on his or her personal preferences and intended use.

electric golf cart pros

Electric Golf Cart Pros

Most golf cart owners drive battery-powered carts, which has driven down the cost of purchasing a golf cart. Over time, using an electric cart is less expensive than using a gas-powered cart. The lithium batteries used in electric carts can last ten years without maintenance, and recharging the battery is less expensive than purchasing gas for a gas-powered cart. An electric golf cart also has fewer moving parts than its gas-powered counterpart and requires less maintenance overall. Compared to gas-powered carts, electric golf carts are virtually silent and emit no vibration or exhaust smell when being driven.

Electric Golf Cart Cons

The driving range of a golf cart is dictated by the size of its battery pack. On average, electric carts can travel 30 to 40 miles on a single charge. For the majority of cart owners, whose average distance ridden is less than 10 miles per day, electric carts have enough power for daily rides.

Gas Golf Cart Pros

Gas-powered golf carts can reach higher speeds and tow heavier loads than electric or hybrid models, making them useful for people who carry large amounts of equipment.

Gas Golf Cart Cons

Gas carts are often preferred by custom-cart consumers. who want a cart with a wider variety of amenities and options, which raises their price. Gas carts generally cost $1,000 to $1,700 more than electric carts. Gas-powered carts require more maintenance due to the need for oil changes and having more moving parts. Gasoline produces more pollution and noise than electricity does.

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Gas and electric golf carts serve different purposes.  Gas carts are ideal for long trips, or for use in areas where you won't have access to electricity.  Electric carts are ideal for golfers who want to save money, are concerned about noise levels and maintenance issues.

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