What is the best way to wake up a lithium battery?

What is the best way to wake up a lithium iron battery?

The Facts 

If a lithium-iron battery does not accept a full charge or does not work after an extended period of time, it may be in sleep mode.

Lithium-iron batteries are sensitive to over-discharging and should not be discharged below the battery's over-discharge voltage, usually between 2.5 and 2.75 volts at most. Manufacturers vary in how much voltage will cause the battery to go into sleep mode.

For Enjoybot 12.8V lithium-iron phosphate batteries, the over-discharge voltage is 10V. Below 10V, the battery has no output, and controllers do not detect the battery voltage. The battery is then considered dead, and the controller will not provide power to it.

State of Charge

When determining if a lithium-iron phosphate battery has any charge remaining, first turn off the power source to the device and disconnect all wires from the battery. Next, using a voltmeter or multimeter, test the voltage of the battery; if it is less than 10.0 volts, then it may be in sleep mode.

To help you better understand Enjoybot's capacity, please refer to the table below, parameters are for reference only.


Voltage(V) Electricity(SOC)
11.85 0%
13.01 10%
13.21 20%
13.33 30%
13.33 40%
13.33 50%
13.35 60%
13.45 70%
13.45 80%
13.45 90%
13.6 100%



Voltage(V) Electricity(SOC)
11.85 0%
12.91 10%
13.04 20%
13.15 30%
13.21 40%
13.23 50%
13.26 60%
13.37 70%
13.37 80%
13.38 90%
13.4-13.8 100%

Note: The twice of 12.8V LifePO4 battery SOC is 25.6V LifePO4 Battery SOC. 3 time is 38.4V LifePO4 Battery SOC. 4 time is 51.2 V LifePO4 Battery SOC.

Three ways to wake up the lithium battery

Here we introduce three ways to save a battery that has been drained too much:

Option 1: Connect to a charger.

Connect to a charger

Connect the charger to the battery for some minutes. If you bought an Enjoybot 12.8V battery, please use a lithium charger in the range of 14.6V±0.3V, this will keep the voltage within the tolerances of the wake-up feature, ensuring that the battery re-activate efficiently.

We have US stocks of 14.6V 10A lithium charger and 14.6V 20A lithium charger ON SALE, please place your order if you need them.

Option 2: Connect to solar panel

Use a solar panel to charge the battery. For our 12.8V battery, you will need an 18V-36V solar panel. Disconnect MPPT, in the presence of sunlight, connect the PV panel to battery and charge the battery for 30 minutes.

Option 3: Parallel connection.

For example, if your lithium-iron phosphate battery is 12V-100AH, you could connect another pack of 12V-100AH batteries in parallel for 15 minutes. Although this method does not guarantee 100% activation of batteries, it is still an alternative to wake up the battery.


We hope our article will help you re-activate your lithium-iron battery. If you have questions or demands of lithium iron batteries, please feel free to contact us.

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